Minerals Export

Toochi Group Founded in Pakistan and Pakistan is One of the Richest Mineral Country, TSW Group offers a revolut ionary approach to foreigners to All Pakistan Minerals Chorme Ore, Manganese, Copper, Coal and other Minerals.

Toochi Group Trading and dealing in minerals and supply and export of Chrome Ore, manganese, Copper export to China and Japan. At the same time, the company is tapping in to new markets for potential exports of minerals, the company have own mines in Pakistan different area & trading in Chrome Ore Lumby we have different grades from 30% to 48% and we have also Concentrate from 38% to 52%. We have also Refractory Grade Chrome Ore form 50% to 56%. Our Company have Six stock yard in Different area, Our (40,000 sq.ft) Stock Yard in Karachi near Karachi sea port. The Company have also involved in Coal business The Company have own mine in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and also import form some other country too. The company have good quality coal mine.